Assistentie bij pianozaken   

About us

We are Pascal Reijmers and Patrick Horn-Wegner German schooled Piano and Harpsichord Builders that offer services for: 
  -  Piano Factories
  -  Private Customers
  -  Piano Technicians (and trainees)
  -  Small and medium-sized enterprises
  -  Professional and Semi professional Artists

We speak Dutch, German, English and French and are not bound to one work location.
Mostly we work in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

We have our German (Master) degree for piano and harpsichord building. This means we are trained by German "Klavierbaumeistern" (master piano builders).  We learned the craftsmanship according to the German Meister-Gesellen system at the German piano factories Schimmel, Seiler and Steinway. From 2018 to 2022, we have improved the construction of the grand pianos and upright pianos for Pleyel (Nantes, FR). We also helped to set up piano productions in China, Indonesia and Europe, where we teached the local piano technicians the German standards.

We have worked in both piano factories as in SME in the Netherlands, Germany, France, South America, Russia and Asia. As a result, an extensive international network of not only piano manufacturers, piano builders, piano technicians and piano tuners, but also suppliers and distributors of pianos, parts, raw materials and semi-finished products. 

You can schedule your appointment directly or reach us by e-mail or our online contact form.

Our services

We provide the following services :
- Worldwide QC Inspection 
- Consultancy projects
- Tuning, voicing & maintenance
- Freelance & Interim jobs
- Education - for technicians and pianists
- Technical advice
- Evaluations
- CITES declarations (ivory)


Worldwide QC Inspection 

New pianos are costly, which is why private individuals often opt for a second-hand piano or have an old piano repaired or restored*. Nowadays it is also possible for companies and private persons to have a (historical) piano built. Quality is an important point of attention in new construction, restoration* and repair. We offer on-site QC-Inspections and technical surveys before shipment to the final destination.  If you have a piano repaired, restored* or built, you can engage us to perform a QC inspection by a technical assessment on location (!) with or without a technical report before delivery to your house or company.

*Restoration? Look out!

Consultancy projects

Our in-depth knowledge of piano construction and regulation enables us to quickly identify the root of any problem. Therefore, beside QC-Inspection, we can execute short-term, solid consultancy projects, either on the work floor or via remote coaching. They share their advice with entrepreneurs anywhere in the World. Together we strengthen the position of companies, their suppliers, and adjacent industries in the market.
As additional service we can offer you a complete and detailed survey report with points for improvement. 

Tuning, voicing & maintenance 

The maintenance a piano consists out of cleaning, adjusting the action and keyboard, keeping the strings (tuning) and hammer heads (voicing) under the correct tension, cleaning the interior and performing minor repairs. We offer all these activities, after an initial inspection, whether or not as a separate service or in combination with each other.
Please note, we do not work with a 'standard pitch’. After all, the pitch of the tuning depends on the wishes of the customer and the possibilities of the instrument. 

Maintenance, what for?

Freelance & Interim jobs

Qualified employees are becoming scarcer, which is why we also take on jobs for companies. Contact us if you need an extra pair of hands for tuning or piano maintenance at your customers. 


Education - for technicians and pianists 

During our journeys and thanks to our extensive network, we know that there is a worldwide shortage of professionals in the field of piano construction and piano technique. For this reason we offer workshops to pianotechnicians anywhere in the world.
We work together with local music stores, dealers or importers of pianos. This is where the workshops take place. More detailed information about the courses is given on the website of our partners. All courses are given by technicians that have a German (Master) degree for piano & harpsichord building. The courses are given in the Dutch, German or English language. If you are interested in another language or you would like us to visit you in Asia, South America, Russia, Scandinavia or any other country, please let us know so we can arrange an interpreter. Contact us for more information.

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Return day
Research has shown that it takes time to learn new skills. The magic number of 21 days has been mentioned in literature but the normal average time to learn a new practice takes on average 66 days. Therefore we think it is important to return some weeks after a workshop to reflect upon and to improve the learned skills. For this purpose we organize One-day-training sessions. 


We have also heard more than once from pianists that they would like to know more about adjusting the piano to their specific wishes. In case you are interested, please do contact us !

Technical advice

Unfortunately, sometimes customers are disappointed in a tuning, maintenance or repair service or after a purchase. Technical problems might arise outside the warranty period Thanks to our technical expertise in the field of pianos and grand pianos we can adivice individuals and companies in disputes regarding services provided, purchase and lease and transport damage and customs matters (e.g. CITES).


Would you like to know what would be considered as a reasonable buying or selling price, or are you in need for an official valuation report or a second opinion?  Thanks to our international network of piano builders, piano technicians and piano tuners we are the right partner for your assignment.